My posture has been wrong ever since I have started my professional career. The straight nine hours of sitting at a work desk has made it worse bycausing sever neck ache. I have been to a massage therapy for this but was recommended that I must correct my posture first. And I believe that this device has done justice to what it claimed. It helps me keep everything at eye level and cuts down on posture-disrupting motions by a constant buzz.It keeps reminding me to sit straight when I am deviating from right angle.The fitting is great and it is super easy on shoulders. I am truly pleased to have found this and hope to have an accurate posture with time.


I am always hunched over my desktop or laptop for extended periods of time and it has now taken a severe toll on my posture.  I have been diagnosed MSDs and informed that it might get worse if not fixed timely. I had previously heard of posture corrector devices but was unable to find a real thing. Fortunately, I was recommended to try this one by a friend and I am grateful to her till date. It is as amazing and pain-relieving as it says. The best thing is that sensitivity of device can be controlled, leaving users with a choice to set the vibration frequency and sensitivity. I’m getting back in shape and all credits to this amazing device.


As I have grown old, I have developed a postural distortion pattern affecting my mobility and causing acute back pain. My son brought me this device with an assurance that it is going to fix my posture. It ensures proper postural corrections and improves my balance. It comes with adjustable straps which are soft on shoulders preventing the stiffness of muscles. It is simple and easy to use, and comes with long lasting battery. So I am happy with this thing and have noticed great improvements already.



My son has just started his junior high session and he comes with a lot of reading and artwork. He is not fond of his study desk and does his work on the couch which is affecting his posture. He just can’t sit without slouching down and it is getting worse now. I have bought this posture corrector for him and this has proven to be highly beneficial in correcting his wrong posture. The durable and comfortable design of this device allows effective assistance in reverting to the body’s natural posture and he has gotten quite comfortable in wearing it. I am super pleased with this as it has definitely taken care of my worries. Great purchase definitely.